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Everybody has a different reaction to distance healing, but everyone regardless of their personnel session, all will receive the healing which they are in need of whether its a physical or emotional, all will feel its healing benefits. Many say they are aware of coloured lights around their eyes and feeling of being touched around the forehead and touching on the face, a feathers touch was describe to me by a client gentle. Some have a feeling at their feet, grounding them. Often my clients would describe it as a sweep or wave of energy like goosebumps running up there whole body or a gentle breeze, everyone has their own experiences. Some have visions and the feeling of drifting in the air. Often a lot of pain is released even when the client was unaware of the sadness they were holding on too, so you may experience some tears through this process, all helping with your healing. But also many just find they were just relaxed and calm without seeing, feeling or hearing anything. Yet they feel so calm and joyous because whatever you feel or don’t reiki distance healing is working! Nevertheless, its is your personal journey and I will never disclose anything that we have discussed and all your details are safe and secure. Everybody’s healing journey is completely distinct to you, yet truly amazing. I am so excited to help you through 

your journey through this lifetime with much joy and love.


Donna X

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