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Lets harness the New Moon Magic

The more I’ve worked with Reiki energy, the more I’ve been learning about the Moons energy.

I have an App on my phone that shows me what phase the moon is at, at any given time.

And tomorrow is a New Moon. Her energy phase lasts 3 days, the day before and the day after.

Her energy will be at her greatest on Monday the 20th July 2020 and the next new moon 19th August 2020. This phase is for new beginning and works well, when making a vision board or book.

This is how I teach and made my on vision board. Its so simple, effective and most of all enjoyable.

I find it easiest for me to stick all my images and words on a A3 board and hang it somewhere where you see it everyday. I have it up in my treatment room, however you could hang in the inside door of your wardrobe, giving you the opportunity to see you vision everyday or in the kitchen, nowhere is wrong, just don’t forget about it. You can also have a vision journal in which you can add more visions and dreams that will manifest into your reality. Its amazing what the universe will provide for you, as long as you make you intentions clear.

So all you need is

A beautiful journal or a large piece of card some glue

magazines etc, and most importantly intention

With the card I surrounded the edges with crystal chips, over the years some have come off, but the effect is lovely - crystals such as rose or clear quartz are a general all rounder. Yet if there is a

particular goal you are inspiring to achieve, you may want to look up the appropriate crystal to use, e.g Moss agate- assists midwives and anyone wanting to get into agriculture. Moonstone works well with the moon its the stone of new beginnings. Onyx gives strength, during times of mental and physical turmoil and takes you forward to view your future and being the master of your own

destiny. The list of crystals goes on………

Then start cutting out pictures, phrases or words from Magazines etc, that you want on vision board/journal. When you begin to stick your pictures and you writing down, do this as if it has

already manifested, this will give it so much more power. For example “ I have an amazing family and friends” or “ I love my new cottage in the country“, and “ everyday I’m so happy with my life!’

Having your goals in front of you is the first steps to you manifesting your dream life.

The world is your oyster as they say, so go and make your dreams come true.

Last word, I made a vision board many years ago and wanted to be a Reiki Master and an Angelic master with lots of grandchildren and here I am with five grandchildren and my masters..

I’m still seeing things I wanted manifesting even now, so I know it works.

Enjoy this new moon and come visit on


Donna x

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