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Lets reconnect with Mother Earth


I thought this would be the perfect time for everyone to get into the practice of grounding.

I have been practicing this technic for many years.

Through the work I do, I am always telling clients after any healing or spiritual work, “ don’t forget to ground yourself). And its simple.

What is grounding?

Its us reconnecting with Mother Earth, bringing us back into balance with our planet.

Basically we are attuning ourselves with the electricity of the earth. Its a beautiful and peaceful way to bring your mind and body into harmony.

How do you ground yourself ?

I use this simple meditation which you can do, I would sit if you can for about 20 minutes. After you’ve read it a couple of times, its simple  to remember and you can use your imagination.


You can do this either sitting of standing, bare foot in your garden or woodland.

I expect your have to be home, doesn’t matter whether your in a flat or home your roots can grow through anything.

First close your eyes ( after you’ve read through).

Take  three deep breaths in through your nose, hold for three and let out through your mouth, I usually do these three or four times.

Now feet flat on the ground, image giant roots coming out of the soles of your feet, travelling down through the grass or your floor (Both will work just as effective).

These roots are travelling through soil and rocks, roots of trees, your imagination can go wild.

These roots travel deeper into Mother Earth, deep pass layer and layer of the earths interior.

Where you reach the core of earth GIA.

Your roots are now in a crystalline cave, glowing with light energy. Your roots wrap themselves around these precise crystals, soaking up her healing energy, the energy lights up your roots as it begins to travel up, and up back through the earth, traveling back to fill your whole body with this crystal energy wow!

Passing through the rocks and roots energising the tree and flowers in its path. Back now traveling through your feet and ankles and calves upwards. Through your body filling up your seven chakras ( blogging next week). Running down your arms this healing energy uplifting and healing. It shines out from your crown charka at the top of you head and like a roman candle showers you with a shimmering light of protection and love surrounds you, safe and connected with Mother Earth.Sit in this light and love for if you can twenty minutes or more. And then when your open your eyes and shake your arms and legs, take a moment of two to come back and always drink plenty of water.

I hope this help you understand the beauty of grounding.

Have a beautiful and safe week

Love and light 

Donna x

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