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Angelic channeling

This is the most remarkable thing I AM truly learning for the first time.

I AM is the GOD inside all of us, in our heart.

I never used to use the word God when speaking of the higher realms. It was always Source, as the thought of being connected with Christianity. The reasons being I use the Moon and pagan witchcraft together with my Angels and guides to help with my healing work.Yet, I feel we need to believe in a higher divine force help us navigate us through this ever angry, negative world that is spinning out of control around me.

We weren’t given this gift of life, to waste it fighting and arguing. Our Souls (us) have come here to earth sent to learn and discover new and exciting things. Not to live in fear of life.

Each and everyone of us was given a guardian Angel to help and look out for us, so for goodness sake use them. I see them with tears in their eyes as we continually destroy our planet, animals and its people. We have to start believing in love, having empathy for your fellow man, caring for our world and every single thing that lives here and of course Gia (Mother Earth).

Stop spending money to fly to Mars, let’s look after the our home Earth.

I’m going off track. The I AM is amazingly simple the word THAT is all the things you are.

I AM successful, I AM happy, I AM creative, I AM enough. All these things can be your life, if only we believed it. The universe only want goodness and happiness for us.

We are our truly our own worse enemy. Our own minds (ego) always happy spreading doubt and insecurities into our minds stopping us having the life we were destine to live.

I do it all the time. Get really good at something and then start looking around at other people doing a similar thing and then the ego drops little seeds of doubt that begin to grow and suddenly I stop believing in myself, and then try something else, always doubting my abilities, always comparing myself to others.

Yet slowly, slowly I’m seeing that I AM worthy of the path I have taken and I AM a writer and I AM the light worker and I do channel the Angels and I have spirit guides and my guardian Angel with me, helping and steering me on this path my Soul chose for this lifetime.

This is my time and its your time to, to shine.

Don’t let the world out there stop you from having an open heart.

One kind act each day can change the world. Start today, start seeing the world and your life full of joy and fulfilment. No looking back on your past.Look up at the skies see how beautiful they are, Today has so many opportunities. Start today, start that book, learn that dance, enjoy life, because one thing is for sure, you’re not here for long.

Grab 2021 and run with your dreams and make them a reality.

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