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The 7 Chakras

Odds on if you’ve been to a yoga class or a meditation group , your teacher or practitioner would have mentioned your chakras.

The word chakra translate as disk or wheel, referring to your non-physical energy running down the centre of your body, the spine, the spinning wheels which move in a clockwise direction, so that the next wheel spins correctly, if there is an of in-balance in one, you find that your not feeling at your very best. Using crystals or healing energy you can get them spinning perfectly again.

There are 7 main charkas and each one keeps your body and mind in balance.

These can change everyday ( a simple unset can change the energy in our chakras). Each one has a different emotion or physical energy.

They start at the base or root which is at the tailed end of your spine, which is symbolised by the colour red.

Working up to the sacral chakra which is orange in colour, then after you’ll find the solar plexus which is orange, moving up to your heart which can be either green or pink.

The throat is blue ( often out of balance when you can’t speak your truth or you’re being stifled by people around you), often people end up with thyroid troubles, if not kept in check.

Moving up to your brow which is your third eye ( between your eyebrows) this is usually a purply colour and last but not lest your crown charka at the top of your head which is lilac in colour (this one is almost always out of balance if you don’t work with your spiritual side).

The diagram here will show you the main ones. We have hundreds of little charkas all over our body and many in our hands. Having healing work on these chakras is so beneficial whether with a one to one with a healing practitioner or a distant healing. The Charkas become of out of sync by many things due to stress, tension or illness, the aim of getting these energies spinning together will restore harmony and balance and happiness in your life.

Below is a very basic lists of 7 Chakras and what they are working for :-

Starting from the base/ root Charka - if this is in balance - you feel safe and secure, grounded and happy with your life. Unbalanced - you”ll be greedy and have a wanting for power, materialistic and also cynical ( something you don’t want to be). Ungrounded anxious, fearful.

Sacral Chakra - balanced - passionate and creative, healthy libido, very optimistic and open to new ideas and ventures.

Unbalanced - Low libido, a fear of intimacy on many levels ( friendships and lovers). So creativity and feeling of being alone, isolated.

Solar plexus - balanced - you’ll feel confident, completely in control of what you want, have a personal drive and a really good self image (love,love,love).

Unbalanced - low self-esteem, having the feeling of being powerless with everything and everybody, and very often an inferiority complex ( get this sorted).

Heart Chakra - balanced (heaven) peaceful, loving compassionate, very tolerant, kind and warm and open to the beauty of this amazing planet.

Unbalanced - A mess, lack of empathy, bitter (yuck) hateful, miss trusts everything and everybody and intolerant. ( get that Chakra balanced and see the world with a whole different out look).

Throat Chakra - balanced confident expression, clear communicator, also creative and a good listener ( throat and ears connected) good diplomate, helps resolve problems.

Unbalanced - no got at speaking up or even speak out for others, misunderstood, and so not a good listener.

Third eye ( between your eyebrows) - balanced imaginative, intuitive, has clear thoughts and has visions, sees beyond the physical ( another great Chakra).

Unbalanced - not so great poor judgement, tack of focus, poor imagination, defiantly can’t see beyond the physical, can be prone to nightmares, being to obsessive and on the flip side of not seeing beyond the physical, you could be seeing too many spirits ( not in a bottle).

Last but not lest :-

The Crown Chakra - balanced has a strong faith, a universal LOVE intelligent, aware of the world and its justice and injustice, very wise and understanding, open.

Unbalanced - depression, learning difficulties, has a weak faith on many levels, angry at the divine and their brain is always in a fog ( get so balance now)!

I hope this has given you a title insight into the working of our Chakras.

If you’ll feeling imbalanced with your Chakras? just book a session with me.

Much love and light


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